Spam system

I suggest to use SORBS and not shit that doesn't work
Moderators and Admins here are so outdated.
You need a new tools guys , you are getting old for me.
Who says we want to put up huge blacklists? Just because some troll is obsessed with the site?
Cinema, how's it going???
I haven't seen you here for a time!

Are you still around 1200 elo?
Youuuu areee!!!
Good for you
No, no, I was way lower before. What happens when you play without an engine is that you tend to improve. You should try it some time.
Pussying behind proxies doesn't change anything. In the past, I did not need to see IP addresses before to know that dougthehead was Anonymous for the double-agent purpose of bashing moderator politics and other things that were not of his business, and I certainly don't need to see them now to identify that.

It's the same, predictable attitude.

"part of post here"

*direct, to-the-point, I'm-wrong-and-you're-right clever retort here*

That shit is going to be classified alongside Amy's posts.
I did not ask to be moderator here. I don't think legend or mb, did, either. thibault just encouraged us to help out. So lay off the, oooh, these people have higher positions of authority! We should judge them to make sure they don't step out of line and abuse their rights!

I've been victimized to moderator abuse, plenty of times on other sites. If that's your strategy, you will see abuse.

First, I appreciate your concern, but I think that mb is right. Assuming thibault were around to consider your idea, I would rather keep things as simplistic as possible. Moderators and forums, users and admins, Internet, capitalism/socialism/communism. I really don't give a fuck; there's no government here, just simple rules. If anybody has a problem with them, they only need the intelligence to question them properly.

So I like your idea in some ways; I would just rather in thibault's shoes avoid personally any chance of hyper-extension.


You made this thread just moments before my log-in to this site broke at home. :D I'm replying on a different computer. I might have to wait for thibault to sail back before I can be active here again. Shame I couldn't reply to any of this shit until now.


"But anyways, Mephostophilis thinks the if he bans enough IPs, amy will go away, while ignoring collateral damage. It isn't my idea, it's his. I am just providing a much more efficient way of banning them."

What collateral damage do you mean?
There is collateral damage with banning spam-purpose proxy addresses. Anonymous posted here about banning IPs being a stupid, careless mistake; this is true in some respects, but if the proxies are from or whatever (which Amy mentioned) then they're just spammer IPs that genuine users from any country would never use. So there is no damage.

It's true, though. thibault started banning Amy's IP addresses, so I'm more-or-less following his example. The problem is not that I lack the efficiency of this method; it's that I'm unable to execute it. As things are at the time, I cannot ban IP addresses without banning a user account they are linked to. That's why Amy keeps posting anonymously.

Lastly, I want to make sure you understand that the issue here is not spam on the forums in general; it's just Amy being bored and needing the forums for something to do. I don't like the idea of this thread being out in the open as a free-for-all discussion because it's going to attract attention all because of one single person doing the trolling, and not an actual spam issue. So let's try not to give the trolls the attention, and keep personal ideas in reserve for where they can be safely discussed.

What collateral damage do you mean?

The collateral damage referred to in comment #7:

The problem is that when banning by IP you frequently punish the wrong person.

The real question here is how "frequently" this actually occurs.
It never occurs when banning hide-my-ass proxies.

Trust me, I was the first person to tell thibault that banning by IP address can be risky. However, Amy was one of the exceptions that convinced thibault into adding IP-address-lookups and banning.

The reason is because none of Amy's IP addresses are legitimate machine IPs that any honest user would be accessing the Internet on. They're spam-reserved IPs blacklisted on for him to keep switching between every time he gets a ban.

Therefore there is no damage.

My intention behind IP-banning Amy is not necessarily to get rid of Amy, as I do enjoy reading some of the shit that comes out of his mouth, no lie. I am LMAO sometimes at his jokes.

It is more to IP-ban all the spam, fake proxy addresses in advance that he keeps using so that nobody else can use them. :D I'm just saving future spammers the trouble by blacklisting those IPs on Lichess. Not to mention at least making Amy work for it; I don't really care if he permanently goes away or not. Like I said I enjoy reading some of his shit.
Granted, this does not eliminate the risk of banning a legitimate IP address that some honest person might genuinely be trying to access their account on Lichess with.

Amy might switch between 9,999 blacklisted proxy IPs and the 10,000th time use a different computer without a proxy. It's generally presumed that any computer Amy has access to isn't owned by a member of Lichess, or else they wouldn't let a guy like him use it...LOL.

That in itself can be a wrong assumption; I apologize.

Honestly the only IP-banning that has ever happened on here is all Amy-related OR, if we find cheaters repeatedly making new accounts and continuing to cheat. Then the only way to permanently stop them from making new cheater accounts is to IP ban. We do try to minimize the damage; anyone is welcome to criticize that if they think there is a better solution.

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