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Hello there, just to let you know the button volume previously next to the notification clearly displayed on the front page, was very comfy and easiest to use were it was, compare to now, hidden in the profile with other features. I reckon many others shares my opinion.
Thanks for your attention, Cheers and congratulation for the great website and the job and passion you put in this.

وزیر به خانه 8 میرود


... +1

I agree.

I always play with the sounds off, but when an idiot stops making moves till his time runs down (instead of resigning immediately) because he just blundered a piece and want to annoy me because I refuse a takeback (one even said "watch me" and let his time run down), I turn on the sound and look at something else, and when the bell indicates that I won on time I switch it off again, and this happens all the time, so I really need a button that is at easy reach, because I only use it during a game.