Some games not shown on a person's page


I was trying to find a game between RD4ever and Moose959 after watching it in a video. The game was part of the June 2020 Chess960 Titled Arena (, in which RD4ever played 26 games.

So, I went to to look for it, but it shows no Chess960 games between Sept. 2019 and Oct. 2020.

Something going wrong, or am I missing something silly? Should I be worried about games getting lost? (I'm a bit nervous if something similar could affect the PGN export of my own games; other than that not a big deal to me)


Thank you @Jishnu10!

I do worry that if they are missing from that player's page, that games could go missing from my page (and more importantly my PGN export)... Hopefully not.

Yes,I too worry that games are disappearing but as you wanted the game I have given you.Bye!

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