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1. Ultrabullet and Racing Kings are considered as variants in one's profile, but don't appear as one in the menu. (The 3 bars next to one's name above.)

2. If you hover your mouse over one's name, the Ultrabullet rating is shown at the bottom part among other variants rather than the standart ones on the top. (Bullet/Blitz/Correspondence, etc.)

3. The Rapid and Classical symbols could be replaced with something better instead of the relatable animal puns. (The symbol shown for the shield arena announcements looks far more suiting for Classical, as an example.)

4. An option to change our main right-click arrow color. Not every board goes well with the green arrow, nor anyone needs to hold down a key on their keyboard all the time.

1 & 2 are errors that need to be fixed.
3 is a suggestion.
4 is a necessity.

I don't think number four is such.

Number one is an error (agreed).

Number 2 is not an error, I don't think.

Number 3 - they look OK to me, I suppose, and they aren't really puns.

Just my opinion.


Rapid / Rabbit, plus the Turtle... That's one coincidence too many (to be a coincidence). Puns.

Regarding #2, it is an error if all the standart variations (based on time control) are on the upper segment.

About #4, it is a required feature -- just like how one can change the background theme, the board, the piece set, etc.

And what, may I ask, is so bad about puns?
I think the rabbit and turtle convey the idea of "quick" and "slow" very clearly, and the "rapid"-"rabbit" pun, if anything, makes it easier to remember.
The shield arena announcement linked below (which I assume is what you mean) shows a knight emblem, and conveys no notion of speed or slowness.
I am not sure about the other points, but I would prefer that the rabbit and turtle stay as they are.

Nothing is bad about it, perhaps something better can be made is what I said. Longer time control, such as Classical, increases the quality of the game that's played -- speed is of no significance at that level. That's why it deserves a symbol that doesn't unnecessarily highlight the speed of it; rather something that displays its elegance.

Edit: As for the symbol I meant, it is the one that you see on your main page that announces the Classical Shield Arena is currently being played.

The turtle is a very universal and understandable symbol that means "slow", as such it is very appropriate for games with a slow time control. I guess that the k̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ emblem (EDIT: I see what emblem you mean now, but it does not convey "a long time" or lack of speed or either) could be thought of as elegant, but it does not convey lack of speed as clearly.
This gives me an idea for another animal-based pun; a snail for correspondence, to convey even greater sluggishness than classical, and as a pun on "snail mail". The paper airplane emblem currently used does not really make much sense, an envelope, a mailbox, a ship, or even a pigeon would be more clear.

To be frank, I doubt this topic will be noticed by the staff anyway, but it is good at least you folks are putting your thoughts in it. Aside from the #3 suggestion, let me hear your opinion about 1,2 & 4 as well.

(btw I do like the idea behind the paper airplane symbol: it is like you make a move, write it down on a paper, form it into an airplane, then fly it to your opponent, and vice-versa -- instead of getting the post-office involved by a plain envelope symbol)

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