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  3. So, im closing this account

Opening a new one, lets see if there are some other nicks out there.

The disconns make me lose too much. Will play even slower games.

Im not doing it with this nick because my conn or lichess or whatever gives me the wrong rating number. Either the correct, or none at all.


This makes me confuzled

It's your connection. Making a new account wont solve that.

you think making a new account will make your connection better, wow

you'll have to fix your connection.

I'm going to create a new Lichess account if it means I can get Fibre speeds without paying for it!

Ive thought about closing my account and starting over because it's too hard to get my rating over 1700 to take advantage of that starting boost. I keep on playing while tired so I keep on messing up.

keep trying, you'll taste success :)

I have the same problem! and It's definitely NOT a connection problem… since I can navigate other pages on lichess during those supposed disconnections...

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