Smart Move

I'd like to suggest a feature called smart move, an optional item in your preferences that would allow you to click a piece to move it if that piece only has 1 valid move. This would be useful for bullet chess.

I don't play bullet, but I agree that would be a nice feature — even for slow chess

It wouldn't be that great in bullet, a part of bullet charm is that you actually have to move. Physically.
It would just be too easy in endgames, while your opponent thinks and try to flag you by checking your king, you just click on it mindlessly.

Clicking on your king mindlessly only works if there's only a single move. Also smart move can cause you to blunder sometimes so it's a double edged sword, but at least having the option available I think would be good.

Good points. Maybe.

I would like to try it but I doubt any lichess developer will take the time to answer or even less implementing it.

A while ago I forked the lichess code, when I have time I'll try do that just to play a bit with the code. It may be interesting.

@Suzaku_lol is right. The time i tried smart-move back in the days of ICC. I ended up blundering. So use it with caution, don't expect too much from it.

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