Situational Pre-moves

I think it'd be pretty interesting if we could make situational pre-moves.
So if I'm expecting one of two moves, then I can a pre-move for each of those two moves.
One way to do it is by me moving my opponent's piece then it does the pre-move thing where it highlights the two squares. Afterward, I move my piece and it moves there if my opponent does the move I made for him.
You can essentially automate your entire game if you're good enough.

Correspondence chess supports conditional premoves, but it isn't a good fit for live chess.

Hello chess players,

I am a young chess player (11 years old) and I would like to learn some moves. Can someone help me with that? I speak these languages the most: Dutch, English, Spanish and German. I'm from the Netherlands by the way. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate this. If you want to help me, please send me a message or comment on this forum. I also do a lot of chess tournaments in the Netherlands, but I now win less than before because I no longer learn tactics, so if someone can help me, again, please send me a message or comment on this forum.

- Jorrit (11 years)

Hi, i like the idea too.
In live chess i think it will be nice... because... the other day i lost a game just because i have to little time, and i was expecting two move from my oponent... and thats the problem, i was playing like allways with my laptop (touchpad)... and make a move in short time with touchpad is pretty problematic.
So if i could do both pre moves, then i was win.....

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