Simuls as ads

There is one user who keeps hosting simuls that show up in the top-left part of the frontpage. I'm assuming it's effectively an ad for his chess coaching business. Am I right to be annoyed by this?

It´s perfectly fine and done by lots of people. What exactly do you find so disturbing about it?

You mean Lance? No, not at all. Lance is one of the stronger players here and I don't think he advertises anything really. Not that I've seen anyway

In general, you should avoid sending any money online to anyone whose identity you cannot verify and confirm. There is lots of identity theft, credit card theft, PayPal theft, and other fraud and crimes online. I have read forum threads from people who have paid for online coaching and have never received the lessons. The mods always delete all these threads soon after they are opened. I am not aware of any escrow services offered by lichess. For your own protection, I suggest you to avoid giving any coaches any money in advance.
If you want coaching, you should meet in person strong players in local chess tournaments and chess clubs.

I am annoyed that simuls and tournaments which I am not eligible to play in are advertised in the front page. I request a filter, like for lobby games please.

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