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  3. Shows time running out for the opponent, results in time-out for me!

The first time, I didn't even notice.
The second time I got a little upset, but thought that it was a one-time issue.

At the fourth time that it happens, I'm losing will to play lichess and move onto another platform.

It is impossible that I lose 4 rated games because the timer shows the opponent is thinking, instead he already moved and the time is flowing down for me... and I don't even know that.

I lost a lot of points in ranking because it happenend against lower ranked players.
I don't know if I'm willing to play again until this has been fixed. And for good.

EDIT: Happens on ANDROID


just lost 50 ratings points do to this bug. i am considering leaving the site already. edit happens on PC as wells, chrome last build on W10