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Hi all,

Every once in a while I see that players leave the game without resigning. I go to their profile page and block them, which is a great feature. While I am on their profile page it is many times I notice that they have a lower game completion rate (usually <90%). So, is there a feature where we can set up preferences in advance that we never get paired with people with XX% or lower game completion rates?

Thanks in advance, and apologize if this has been discussed before.

There's an answer by a lichess mod here:

"Deliberately running the clock down in order to spite your opponent is not acceptable on lichess and can result in warnings and bans. Please use the report button on the offending user's profile and include a link to the game in question.

However, please keep in mind:

1. If there is any chance the user was legitimately using their time to think they are perfectly safe. Please don't report a user who "runs down" 30 seconds, thinking is not against the rules.

2. There needs to be a well-established pattern of this behavior before we take action. One game is usually not enough. It is also possible that a user will have a connection or equipment problem that could make it look like they are trying to run the clock down when they are not."

I can't speak for lichess but it sounds like they want to treat this behaviour as a form of rule-breaking. With this understanding, it would be kind of silly to add a "block players with game completion <x%" setting, just like it would be silly to add a "block players with average acpl <10" setting to evade possible cheaters. Instead, lichess wants these guys to get caught, reported and eventually banned.

What determines a persons "Game completion rate" anyway? I've never run down a clock (although I've had opponents who do), and I've never disconnected from a game. Yet my percentage is 94%.

Thanks Bonifratz! Your argument makes sense - but does banning them help? i think it is very easy to just make a new account and do the same thing all over again.

Abigail, sorry I do not know exactly how it is calculated.

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