Setting up advanced tournaments.

Trying to set up a tournament for the 22nd September in advance so I can send out notifications, but get an error message and maximum 30, for a 2 hour tournament. Is there a limit as to how far in advance you can set up a tournament? I have set one up before which was fine but that was only a day in advance of it taking place

Am having the same prob the button for "Show advanced settings" doesn't work..and I need to set a tournament 1day before it starts..not just 30 or an hr there a way this can be fixed plss... I

Tried a pilot tournament on the same day and that worked ok, If as Samarth states no limit,then the more advanced time settings mustn't be over-riding the general settings. I get to the advanced settings ok Amsomeone by clicking on "show advanced settings" towards bottom of page which has warning sign after which it states
"We recommend not touching these. If you set entry requirements, your tournament will have fewer players. Show advanced settings"

Let me try changing the browser I was using chrome....but I actually press that button of "Show advanced settings" at the bottom of the settings page and nothing happens

I had the same problem (advanced settings button not working) using Safari. Lichess advised they are only fully supported on Chrome and Firefox. I used Chrome and it works perfectly

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