Server issues

Hello all,

Lichess servers are experiencing issues actually. It results in timeouts and interrupted games; sorry about that.

I'm working hard to restore stability.

I think the artificial intelligence server may be the cause of the failures, so I'm temporary disabling computer analysis.

Stay tuned for updates.

Hello Thibault,
have you considered buying more/better servers to handle the load?

I think many players (including me) would be happy to help with a donation.


This is like in the movie matrix, the AI ​​begins to corrupt the system....

oh my god this is the end of times

you're a good man, thibault. keep up the good work, pal.

I believe it is due to the success. everybody is behind you . thx for providing this site.
if the current lag is really due to the analysis , just restrict it.
good luck

Since I disabled search today, I did not see any timeout. Let's not rejoice to fast, but there is hope.

Let me know if you get a timeout from now.

Search indices were corrupted. I rebuilt them, and now the server is stable.

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