Search your own game by opening name

i want search by opening name , in advance search feature . it help in learning opening mistakes from your own games.
what u guys say about this feature ???

Hey @hritic333

I think it would be a cool feature.

However, I don't need it, because I think the opening explorer is great enough for that. You can explore your games through the opening database and not only reach those games you want in a specific opening but also see statistics on how you perform, what moves you've been faced against, etc. When trying to learn from my opening mistakes, I also find it helpful to go back and forth between my personal database and the global lichess database to compare and find other popular alternatives to my moves.

I hope this helps you while that feature does not exist :-)

@pepellou thanks man it's also great way of learning , actually I am interested In less played opening lines and still attractive , and I am continuously playing them against high rated players, so I want learn what mistakes I am doing on those variations again and again so top player easily taking advantages, hopefully my request will be consider

@MrPushwood hello thanks for response, it's true too many openings, but some filter, like with big opening name, French defense, kings gambit, Sicilian, etc not variation of them, what's u say about it? Or may be we can search by moves enter in our game

Also this option is available in opening exposure, so not that hard to bring at advance search option, any @ mod and developer what's ur opinion?

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