Same starting puzzle everytime

Everytime I go onto the puzzle page, it is showing me exactly the same puzzle that I solved the previous time. All I have to do really is repeat the answer and it then moves onto the next (and a previously unseen) puzzle by me. However, has anybody else had similar happen to them? It is this one:

Puzzle page defaults to the puzzle of the day. The "puzzle page" you're pressing is actually the puzzle of the day. Then when you solve it again, it goes to the next unseen one.

Also: the next unseen one stays in that state. So if you don't attempt it and go back to the puzzle of the day at a later time, when it goes to the next puzzle it will be that one which you left unsolved. I imagine this is to prevent cherry picking of puzzles.

I have the same problem! It's not the puzzle of the day.
I finish puzzle of the day and continue doing puzzles but my rating does not update and the puzzle score isnt remembered by the app. If i click the resync app button the puzzle always goes back to the same puzzzle that I've already solved.
I tried deleting memory, and reinstalling the app but it doesnt work.
The web version works fine though.

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