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  3. Request: Make it easy to copy game boards to a spreadsheet

I have installed the Chess Merida font in my spreadsheet, which makes it possible to display chess boards in it. It would be very nice if i could copy a game board on lichess directly to my spreadsheet.

To accomplish this, the empty squares should be converted as follows:

Dark squares to a plus sign, light squares to an empty string.

The white pieces on dark squares should be converted as follows: Pawns to P, Rooks to R, Bishops to B, Queens to Q, and the King to K.

White pieces on light squares: same as those on dark squares, but lowercase letters.

The black pieces on dark squares should be converted as follows: Pawns to O, Rooks to T, Bishops to V, Queens to W, and the King to L. Same for black pieces on light squares, but lowercase letters.

Many thanks in advance.

Hm, I forgot the knights. A white knight should be converted to N, a black knight to M.

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