Request for a "handshake" button in the app

Suppose it's implemented. You play 30 one minute games in an evening. Of those, 7 people click the handshake button before the match, 4 after and 2 before and after. What now? Are you 18% happier? Would you want to increase the number of people who click? To this end, would you now want the handshake button made in the hope that the opponent clicks it? Suppose this feature was added but the devs also added an option to automatically click the handshake button before and after the match for you for every game - would you want some indication of whether you were seeing an automatic or a manual handshake click because you find the latter more authentic? I dunno - it just seems a little needy to me.

I haven't calculated how much happier in percentage I would be.
Just a small button, does not need to be bigger than any other option in the app. Could turn green or blue when activated. Could then disappear once the opponent has responded.
I don't know if I'd be happier, I think that that part of my evening might just feel more friendly. With these few people with whom I'd exchange a virtual handshake, I would feel like, even though we just went to war on the board, we respect each other, no matter who won or lost.

I thought the op met put the handshake which is the offer draw option in the app. I haven't used the app in a while but I remember there being something different than a flag and a hand symbol.

I always shake hands with my opponent OTB. It is a convention of a "civilised" game.
I can't recall the handshake ever being refused. I think I might refuse to play an opponent who refused to shake my hand pre-game. And actually, I think I would extend that refusal to a LiChess situation if handshakes were introduced.
One of the anomolies of playing on-line is that you can't actually see your opponent. I think there is an emotional aspect to that. It is half way between playing OTB, and playing a machine. I don't think I could ever see myself shaking hands with Stockfish before commencing. Even virtually.
Overall, a nice idea, but would have to be voluntary. Thanks for the game, good game, etc are also voluntary functions in the game chat, but hardly anyone uses it !

@bourniplus Points all well taken. What you're proposing wouldn't be difficult to implement and maintain and might -- might -- bring a bit more sportsmanship and friendliness into the games. If I were able to vote on the matter, I'd give it a Yes, with the proviso that it be re-examined in 90 days to see how it's working.

Can't believe this has gotten this far. I hope it actually goes through now.

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