Request for a "handshake" button in the app

Bonjour à tous,
I would like to suggest a "handshake" greeting button in the app. A handshake means everything: hello, good luck, well played, see you... It's a universal sign of respect.
It could be pressed only before and after the game, so there is no confusion with the "draw offer" button.
I think it would make the whole 1-minute-and-less games more civilised and pleasant.
Martin in Québec

Very interesting idea here. Maybe this will take off. I say it's not a bad idea.

To hear a list of ways in which technology has improved our quality of life, press 2.

I disagree. The best part of the internet is to avoid the social "requirements". Although your idea wouldn't force me to interact, it's still a social nicety. I would be happier if the "good game" and the "good luck" buttons were removed.

I was all ready to +1 this idea when a thought occurred to me: Aren't handshakes a two-way action? I extend my hand and -- if the handshake is to occur-- you extend yours in turn and grasp mine. If Player 1 clicks the handshake button but Player 2 doesn't, will we have just created a new way for players to insult one another?

Scenario: Player 1 is checkmated and, like a gentleman, extends his hand to congratulate his opponent. Player 2, without comment, simply leaves the board. Either deliberately or by accident, Player 2 has just insulted Player 1.

Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but if this was implemented, there might be unintended consequences.

GSP0113: yes there might be unintended consequences, there's always two sides to a coin. If I were to offer a handshake after a game, no matter the result of the game, and the opponent doesn't return it, I think I'd still be ok with it. There is always the possibility that he's in a hurry, is having a bad day, doesn't want any form of "social" interaction...

However if this makes its way to the lichess team (and I know one of my suggestions in the past has made it to the app upgrade, whether by coincidence or not) and it's not too difficult to implement, we would see how the users like this feature. It's all about slightly improving sportsmanship. What is there to lose?