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  3. "Request computer analysis" feature missing


today, I noticed I can no longer request a computer analysis when viewing the games I've played on analysis board. Is this only a temporary bug or did you remove the feature?

The button is there for me.

Hi StrixCZ.

Did you already request a computer analysis 30 times today? That might be the issue. Lichess restricts members to 30 uses of the tool per day.

@Talster Thanks for the answer, but I definitely didn't reach the limit - I've probably only used the feature about 30 times in total, not in a day. But since yesterday, the button is gone - this is what my Board analysis (of any game I open) looks like...

Please, help - I loved the opportunity to quickly review my blunders.

Basically, it dissapeared for me with the introduction of new categories (Rapid settings).

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Looks already scrolled down (see the friend list). @StrixCZ Can you try again now, please?

@revoof It's there - thank you! :)

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