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And even if we take only >2000 rated,
then it's 11%
Every ninth game! and it's within 1 minute bullet. What will be in 0+1?
To add:
In 0+1 this number increases very much, because in 1+0 you still have time to think in the opening.
In 0+1 I think this will be > 20% for >2000 rated.

But in common, this percentage for 0+1 is 50% at least. So every second game will finish (I say it using search with statistic) in 5 moves.

Yes. There is obviously must be an exception for atomic.

I won in threecheck in 5 moves, but once a player has fallen for this Bb5 x c6 or similar, he should have learned this lesson. I don't like the idea that lichess is saying: "this player is not worth a rematch". The players should decide about this on their own. I mean it's just one game, not boosting a rating over 30 games. It's like telling this player: "You will never learn it". I really don't like it. It's very hard to find an opponent at all in some of the variants, so you have no choice but to open up for 1500 players, which are often enough very strong. There is nothing about artificially boosting a rating.

Yes, and if somebody wants to boost their rating, he will just do 6 moves, instead of five.

Yes, in three-checks it happens also especially with newbies, and because of one mistake they can't play with you anymore. that's bad.

Exactly, and it's a bit like telling you, that you have done something suspicious. Maybe from now on they will have a very close look at you! I agree, if this happens various times in a row, this could be suspicious. As for me, I wouldn't give a rematch if it happened 2 or 3 times. But after just one game, sorry it is too early to draw any conclusions.

I'd like to second the people saying this is super annoying in Atomic. I'm trying to figure out what my rating actually is, but the system won't give me any matches.

Why isn't this solved? Unihedron asked me to find atomic games he played, within 5 moves, I found a lot. But this problem isn't solved at all. Nobody cares, yeah?

Hey friend, I agree with your point. But Uniherdon is not a guy who fixing problems here. Better contact Thibault directly. Because your demands are reasonable - a solution to this problem should be found. Maybe only ban rematches if players had 3 short games in a row, not just one.

Thank you for support, Certified_Samurai!
This is the forum for feedbacks, so I thought it's the right place. But the problem is still not solved, like nobody sees it...

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