Refunds (rating)

Hey. i just received a notice 'someone you reported...' but there was no refund with it. I think i know who it was since their account is closed (could be wrong) and it was a game played just 2 days ago. I'm making a forum post because i've noticed it happening more and more that i report someone and maybe a week or two goes by and I find they were banned but no refund my way. Or more likely i get 2 points back though i lost 15 in the game itself.

It's not a big thing since it's more important that the person stop wasting people's time so happy that part is taken care of. I really liked this idea that i would play and if i lost 10 points to a cheater, POOF!, 10 points are returned to you. It is like that legal rule that you are made whole as if whatever harm occurred had never happened at all.

I'm curious if that is still there. Or maybe the programming you do has evolved and refunds can be expected to happen less and less often?

Honestly, the less you care about your rating, the better you perform.
Who cares about 15 rating? Go kick some butt and get it right back! :)

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