really mad

This is already a multiple time that I am ban in the game,let us try to reverse the situation if you are in my place you already ban with your rules do you think lichess management im goint to let my time goes with out proper resignation of course NOT Im a chess addict I played for all 24 hours its a matter of my connection I didnt play as of now but I turned it off my laptap because its freezing but when I turn it on Im ban again this is a rediculos Im not really happy with this situation I mjust join this day because I was ban for a week and this is again .Im reall mad this situation,if I cannot play with in day...I dont know what I supposed to do,what I did is there any person here in lichess that make a personal anger in my profile...Hoping lichess manegment for you kind consideration,please take an action for this matter

You cannot let your time to run out and you cannot abort too many games, in your case probably any.

Yes ofcourse it is a matter of our internet connection even when I reach already 2300 plus and when I play and my connection is really bad and freezing I lose the game but what I did I still play untill my rating is already 1900 plus thats what am I an addict of chess

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