Real People or Software?

I have been playing chess long enough to know that in the correspondence section on this website, I have not been playing people but weak software. Nearly all of the games are similar in their complexion. For example, pieces hanging probably about 70% of the time; a Bishop on F5 takes a night on B1 in the opening (how many times do people make this move, only rarely) yet I have seen this move multiple times within say a month; resignation does not exist no matter how bad the position is; and there doesn't seem to be any book, just weak moves, silly moves. Terrible chess.

It gets better above 2000.

But yeah. It sometimes feels like people are playing worse in Correspondence than they would in Blitz.

My theory is that these are still people, not software, but they take up way too many games (sometimes hundreds) for them to handle simultaneously. And then they just spend 5 seconds per move anyways.

Prof but bishop takes b1 is move you also wouldn't play with little time, how can that be an explanation?

I am not a great player. It does baffle me that people can use software or engines to cheat. I wouldn't even know how to do that. Why even play if you are just going to use software? I am not a strong enough player to catch these things like all of you. Sorry that happens to you. I just love to play. Have a great day/night!!


In Blitz games, even if you don't spend a lot of time per move, you are usually still following some kind of thread because the last move happenes 5 seconds ago, 5 seconds after the next-to-last, and so on.

In "Correspondence Blitz" you don't even have the recent move history in mind. Each game is a jump into cold water every time. You may also be in actual time trouble (say, 50 open games with only a few minutes left in each one). Suddenly, "meh, I just make capturing moves wherever I can, even if antipositional they will usually not lose on the spot, but buy me another 7 days to do the next move properly, not to mention that I have a few more seconds for the next games in line right now" does sound tempting.

To be honest, I have no idea why people would prefer this to just playing Blitz games. But it happens (just look at the OP, 40 games already, and there are cases that are much more extreme).


Winning or rather EARNING points, no matter how virtual and insignificant, does things to the human brain. Normal people get no satisfaction out of points won by cheating because we know they were not truly earned. Cheaters somehow managed to break that mental barrier, usually by telling themselves that everyone else is cheating too, and they are just "compensating" this by cheating "only a bit".
Or they just like to use their fake points to brag in front of their friends.


Thank you. That's too bad people have to do that instead of loving and investing in the game; better yet themselves to truly enjoy the game.

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