Rating Question

I was rated 1597 and just won a game against a 1740 player. Both of us have a substantial number of games under our belts, but I only gained 10 points and my opponent lost 10. I would expect a bigger difference for that large a difference in rating. Can someone help me better understand?

maybe becouse you have so many games that it only gave ten

i dont really know though

Yes, you are right.Admin must explain this question.

I can't give facts but it's sorta saying welcome to the big leagues!

You beat someone great compared to you so here's 10 points!

Don't lose or you'll lose 10 points I dunno sounds like you need to keep winning!

Sorry for the lame response but I've noticed the higher up I go the less and less

I seem to get for winning and the More PAIN I feel for losing to anyone lower than myself.

The more games you play, the more solid your rating is, because lichess is more sure that it's correct.

If you're high up and you've won many matches and then lose one against a low rated player, yes, your rating is going to plummet, but probably not as much if you're high up after winning a few times in a row against opponents.

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