RAM management bar in analysis

There was a time when I could manage the amount of RAM memory used by stockfish when analyzing. Unfortunately, the option disappeared for me, even though I have seen it still existing on my friend's computer.
Using Chrome 74.0.3729.75 (Official Build) (64-Bit) at win 10 with 16 GB RAM.

Try looking at this green section near the evaluation when you analyze a game:

There's 3 ways it goes:

PNACL (The one that you're referring to, but is becoming outdated for Chrome. Supports multi-core and RAM allocation)

WASM (Web Assembly, the normal browser stuff but it doesn't support multi-core)

WASMX (Web Assembly Experimental, Web Assembly but supports multi-core)

If you don't want to use WASM (which is the slowest option) and can't seem to load PNACL, just copy and paste this into the Chrome search bar:


and enable "webassembly threads support"

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