Rage quits and waiting time #2

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Any plans to change the current time logic?
Especially in 3+2 games it's really annoying when your opponent leaves the game
and you have to wait exactly 2 minutes for nothing.

Is it - in your opinion - not an issue?
Or is it too difficult to develop?
Or don't you care because it's just an issue for "anonymous games"?

As I clearly wrote 1 month ago:
Change the current waiting time (the time where your opponent is NOT in the game)
from 2 minutes to:
120 seconds for Classical matches
60 seconds for Rapid matches
30 seconds for Blitz matches
15 seconds for Bullet matches

Somewhere in the code there must be defined 120 seconds.
You must use the match information (classical, rapid, blitz, bullet) to allign the time.

if matchType = blitz
waitTime = 30

I'm not a professional programmer, but if you want my support, say it and I'll do what I can!

Best regards

Why do you care about anonymous games? If they leave just resign and move on.

Why should -> I <- resign when - > I <- am winning?
When a team leads 5:0 in a soccer game, do they leave the field at minute 70?
I don't think so...

I agree. Would help to get some statistics, which will probably be quite telling:

Bullet games - let's see some lichess statistics about the percentage of players that won a bullet game after getting temporarily disconnected. Giving the option to claim the game would likely be better than force people to wait.
Anonymous games - no rating involved, people might leave for any reason, phone, hurt that one lost so quickly etc. Let's see some stats on games that were in a lost position when anonymous players got "disconnected".

If somebody regularly disconnects it seems like their time to return goes down. I've had opponents in 3 0 games where I have the option to claim the game after ~5 seconds.

In general I'm happy for the time to recover. Internet flickers are a common occurrence in Thailand and 2 minutes is just about the perfect upper limit for a reconnection.

Sounds like a patch in the right direction.

The policy can be improved for quicker time controls and anonymous. Why enforce waiting time when there is virtually no benefit? Or use a flexible approach like MateMachine's table.

I agree with the time table in post 1.
Waiting 2 minutes in a 3+2 game is absolutely stupid.
If someone generally has internet problems, they must choose 15+15, easy.
I can't cycle with my bike on a highway...

And if you can claim victory after 5 seconds, it is only because your opponent started a new game.
Most times they just leave and let you wait.
If they are still online and don't play, it sucks too, but at least they are still there...

Good to see that most guys here agree.

What about an official statement, though?
Something like:
"Yes, we might change the time system" or
"No, we will not change it."


Ok, it's been a week now.
I've faced several quitters again, especially in 3+2 games
it's really annoying when your opponent leaves the game
after 30 seconds.
Then you have to wait for 2 minutes until you can claim for victory or draw.

Can you please say if there are any plans to change this (in near future)?

Thanks for reading.

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