Puzzles rating has ?


Why does my puzzle rating still have a question mark, even after doing 1000+ puzzles?


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To explain, everyone got a ? after the switch to v2

#5 Because in lichess you have the link to the game before solving the puzzle, allowing you to go check the solution and gain free points, if you want. This is not considered cheating because it influences only your rating.
In an hypothetical puzzles leaderboard there would be no way to distinguish from people who use this method and people who actually earned their rating with sweat, making it unfair to the latter.

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#7 You are right, I just checked. However, you still have the name and the time control of the two players, making it still possible to go find the actual game and turn on the engine.

Thanks for the responses all. I was confused to begin with, as I had been doing plenty of puzzles over the last few weeks, however it'd had all been on the android lichess app - which I presume hasn't got the v2 update.

After running some puzzles on the webpage it has taken away the ?

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