Puzzles for Defense

I'm fairly new here, mostly just doing the puzzles for the past few weeks (many many hundreds of them). The puzzles are currently mostly to get a piece (or good exchange) or to force a mate.

It would be nice to have puzzles for defending. Something where the other player is about to make a really good move that's subtle and you have to do something special to save yourself. It might be defending against a potential pin or fork, or something that would lead to mate, or even when it looks like you're down, but you can force yourself into a drawn position with accurate playing.

I feel like I'm learning a lot of great offense from the puzzles, but would like to improve my defense as well.

There are no attacking-only and defending-only puzzles. Regular exercise:

First ply: attacking move
Second ply: defending move
Third ply: attacking move

So a puzzle with a main line of 4 moves includes four attacking puzzles and three defending ones intrinsically.

If I understand OP, you are looking for puzzles where you have to find the best move to avoid mate or loss of material, rather than finding the best move to deliver mate or gain material? I'd like that too

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