Puzzle scores are unfair?

I like to play chess puzzles on Lichess, but one thing bothers me. When you fail a puzzle, you get a huge penalty to your rating (eg. -12 or -14), while when you solve a puzzle, you get only +1, +2 and sometimes +4. Isn't this unfair? One mistake undoes a lot of work.

From my point of view, the ratings are the least. What really matters in tactics is to learn. Your primary purpose must be to improve day by day, not to be listed on a fake rating list that besides, doesn't exist.

Forget ratings and focus on chess.

is your puzzle difficulty set to easier or easiest? if so you're playing puzzles rated below your rating, such that you win less (but more often) and lose more points (but less often). if you want to play puzzles around your rating (and win and lose about the same each time), play normal difficulty; if you want to play harder puzzles (win more lose less but more often), you can increase the difficulty

Thanks for the explanation. I don't want to pump up my rating to get on a fake rating list, I just wondered why there was such a difference in + and - rating points between failure and success.

I may be wrong but I think it might have to do with how the rating of the puzzle compares to your rating (just like Elo in actual games). So if you solve an easy puzzle you get a small boost, but if you fail an easy puzzle (for your rating) you lose quite a bit.

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