Puzzle rating stuck in app

Clearing app cache and data, worked for me.

Uninstalled the app, then reinstalled. Everything syncs up at the start but after doing a few puzzles there is once again a mismatch in ratings. *shrugs*

Yes, this is why the "clear data" suggestion is no good. It's been broken for months and months. Different devices have different scores. If you select an earlier score to attempt a puzzle your score seems to go down to what it was at that point in time (locally) and then you don't seem to be able to get back to it's current (still wrong but not quite as wrong) score. For me, even a fresh install/clear data doesn't work, not even initially.

I had the problem for a couple of days; clearing data + cache has worked, at least for a few test problems.
Which Android versions are you guys using? I have 5.1.1

I again add the bug today, I cleared app data and cache and it fixed (again) the issue.

Just updated the Android app to v v.5.6.1 and puzzles' score is still broken (shown incorrect and does not update). I would really like this feature fixed :)

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