Puzzle No 61660 - 4 moves are not enough - annoying and depressing

Puzzle No 61660
I'm supposed to find the best move, so i do it. I found the move h4, hxg3 and Kd6, why the hell i do need to find a move after Rd1+?????????

In principle, every move with the f* King is possible now. Ke7, Ke6, Ke5 and all is won for black. I understood the idea, why does the machine force me to make 4 moves here.

Its annoying, depressing, and its my ragequit from this website.

"Ke7, Ke6, Ke5 and all is won for black."

Stockfish does not think so.
Ke6 is -5.6 indeed, but Ke5 and Ke7 are only -0.5/-0.6.
It seems to be very important not to allow the white queen to give check on c7.

I am not stockfish and by the way, the engine does not run while i'm puzzling. So the most of us dont understand the difference between Ke5, Ke6 or Ke7 (i see the check but, why this sould be not winning?) and thats the point. In my opinion the puzzle should be over after the third move.

It's not winning because the queen takes the pawn on g3 next move and there's no threat along the h-file anymore. This is critical and so it's in the puzzle.

So run the engine after the puzzle ends to see what you missed. It's stupid to keep insisting that the move doesn't matter when a single press of a button would tell you why it does.

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