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Hi all:

I know there is something already called learn from your mistakes which is sort of like a puzzle generator from your mistakes. I find it quite useful but you already know that you made a mistake in your game when trying to solve the puzzle.

I was wondering if it is possible for lichess to generate puzzles from your own games or pgn games that you import. This would be similar to the program Chess Hero.

I created based on this request

there are so many puzzles out there on lichess.

also it would be interesting to see which of them are made from your own games.

I feel like, as Astro said, seeing which of the puzzles in the tactics trainer are made from your own games would be rad, especially since other people solving those puzzles can see the link to your game.

To generate puzzles from your own game, you don't necessarily need a new lichess feature. You could just export the PGN of your game and use it for another program, which could generate your puzzles.

#4: I think the point is that no program for this is readily available (?), so making the lichess puzzle generator available to run on individual .pgns or game collections would be an interesting feature.