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  3. Puzzle Gameplay and User Interface

It would be nice if the developers could include in puzzle menus:

- A casual mode where you can select puzzles TYPES, DIFFICULTY, and if you want the computer to AUTO-PLAY after you make the correct move, instead of having to hit it every time you play a puzzle.
- A button that REPLAYS the puzzle and shows each move involved in the puzzle itself, and the rest of the game, and you can control SPEED of the replaying moves.
- A program that somehow explains how the CORRECT or INCORRECT move you made is in fact the right one. For instance, if you make the wrong move, it should explain why, instead of someone not knowing why and then just guessing, or spending a long time thinking and scratching their head. Though this leads to their own insight if they try hard enough, sometimes they need help, lest they close the game in anger and loose the opportunity to learn. Additionally, if one makes the right move, sure it can be from intuition, but sometimes you don't grasp the principle of the move (simply memorizing it as a good move "when the time comes"), instead of being able to apply the principle in all forms. And of course guessing, which doesn't help anyone (randomly guessing as opposed to educated attempts).

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