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  2. Lichess Feedback
  3. Punishing players who leave the game when losing without punishing those with connection issues

There should be an algorithm implemented in lichess, which punishes people, who leave the game because they are simply losing.

In order to avoid punishing players who have connection problems, this algorithm could be implemented in such a way that it only applies when there is a GOOD connection for someone who is not making a move anymore.

My suggestion for the punishment would be that such cheap players (1) get twice or three times negative points and, if happening about the fifth time within a week, that they (2) wont be able to play games for 3 days.

I believe, there is already a discrimination between players leaving the game while still connected, and players losing the contact to lichess.

I don't like the idea of punishment through negative points. Points shouldn't be regarded as an award for anything, but simply as a measure of playing strength. I want to play against opponents, which have a similar rating as I have, because that results in the most interesting games. I don't want to be crushed by players, who are much stronger than I am, but have a similar rating, because they are frequently punished for whatever.

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