Progressive Chess!

As of now there are 8 variants in Lichess.
Progressive Chess is a unique variant which I had been playing with my chess school friends back when I was a kid learning chess.
This is how it worked:
White plays 1 move initially followed by black who plays 2 moves and then white playing 3moves going on in arthematic progression upto 10. Usually the game ends in move 6 or 7. Also once a check is given, no more moves could be made by the former.
It would be great if Lichess could intiate this variant.

A few weeks after a major server adds support for progressive, someone will finish solving it. It is obviously easier to solve than giveaway chess was.
I do wonder which color wins though, it is not at all obvious.

@Hendersen187 giveaway chess is also know as antichess on here, or suicide chess on FICS. Solving it took a couple of years with amazingly good hardware and specialized software in 2015.

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