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You will notice that social skills are not the strong suit of the people working or collaborating with Lichess.

They will fight aggressively anyone who says that Lichess is not as perfect as fanboys claim to be.

This thread will certainly be closed quickly. There is no point in getting annoyed by it because it's just a waste of time. @MrCharles as rude as he|she was isn't even the worst example.

So to summarize:
"Why doesn't this site do this thing I want?"
"Actually, it does do that and more! Here's how..."
"But I don't want to do that! Why should I have to make any effort? The developers should spend their time making the site be like or facebook"

Yay! I'm not the worst one yet. Thank you @delasked

For the record, it's "He" (male), Mr. Charles is my username and a play on my name IRL.

For the record: I don't work with or for LiChess, and, I'm not a "fanboy," I just respect how lightweight and clean the website is, and will fight anyone who instigates implementing trash to weigh it down or slow it down. (And, well, people love to make statements which give me an excuse to have fun at their expense. Usually they can't help but further compound the issue, thus resulting in further black-and-blue comedy at further expense.)

Nobody pissed in my soup. This is my natural state of being.

Here's the super-complex "HTML hack" that is necessary: You paste a link to the photo in your user bio.

Like mine!?

@Sarg0n Looks nice!

@delasked agreed. Some people are plain rude and come out of bushes just to get attention and add nothing constructive to an argument.

@rtijlo It's not just something that I wish for me. Honestly, couldn't care less about it for myself, I'm fine without a picture. But with pictures, everyone's profile will become lively and have a personality. It's about the quality of user experience as a whole.

I get that you could maybe paste some link or what not, but that's certainly not a standard anywhere, so it isn't at all intuitive. No one is going to recognize that's how it's done, that's why very few people have pictures in their profiles. It could be implemented in a way that's both intuitive and fits well the rest of the site.

It seema intuitive enough....
And I like the clean look.

Yeah #10 MrCharles (Can I call you Charles?) Does get a bit riled up sometimes. Take this thread for example:
Admittedly, I was wrong, and I believe everyone should be entitled to stating their beliefs; although I'd rather the stated ones are positive.

It is Mr. Charles to you @AREA11 -- Charles is not my given name. And even if I gave you my name, it would still be Mr. Charles until you learn to have some respect (first for yourself, then for others).

Who's up for some Mom jokes?

"paste some link or what not, but that's certainly not a standard anywhere" Posting a link to an image host has been pretty much standard on the Internet for 20 years. Which reminds me, I am old.

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