Problem when opponent leaves the game ...

I had this problem several times already. When my opponent leaves the game and his time leaks out, I don't get the points immediately. I have to wait till server declares (few minutes) that he abandoned the game. Here is one of the games with that appearance:
I thought it was some time cheating, but now I think it's at server side.

Yes. Exactly like that. After few minutes server let you take the points. Not a big deal, but if you're in a hurry (i play mostly bullet 'cause i'm always in a hurry) it's annoying ...

This happens even when you are logged in that players just leaves the game and the time runs out for the opponent.
What is the reason that it takes a few minutes instead of changing it instantly like other chess pages and like it did before on thi page??

Good to know that someone's watching ... Good job!

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