privacy preferences

Is it possible that privacy preferences do not work properly? As I get sometimes messages, if I want to join a team or sponsor a premium membership, what is in the middle of a 1 min. bullet game, quite disturbing, I have a week ago changed my privacy preferences to "let only friends message me". Amazingly, the same indian guy, popped up with his "Hello" some minutes ago again (and he is for sure not on my friends list)

The privacy setting forbids people starting new conversation with you (except if you follow them). In that case your guy had already sent you messages before you changed your privacy settings, which means they can still message you. You can block them if you don't want to receive messages from them anymore.
You can also delete the conversation thread, if you don't want to block the player. The result will be the same: they won't be able to start a new conversation with you.
And you may also report the player or the message sent, as that is advertising and is against the rules.
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