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  3. Premoving - Picking Up Premoved pieces

It would be nice to be able to pick up pre moved pieces.
Imagine premoving 1. ... d6 then being able to pick up d6 ready to premove d5.
Please tell me this makes sense.

It would also be nice to make 'if-then' premoves in correspondence games.
If d5, then d4.
Else, d3.

I thought this was already available.

You can, using the analysis board.

@cshuenss how do you do that

Whole strings of "conditional moves" can be played in correspondence with the analysis board. Moves will be sent immediately after "if" moves get played.

@cshuenss @ Sharpness-V Cool! I just noticed you can on using the analysis board on the computer! I make most of my moves on my phone and I didn't see anything that let you make premoves. So I guess my post would be to add it to mobile devices.

@noname07090 on the left hand side of the board a + sign appears when you create a variation you might expect.

@mdinnerspace thank you thank you I just noticed!

Picking up premoved pieces in bullet games though, that is not available yet. What do you think?

Multi-premove is complicated and theoretically might benefit players whose lag times allow them to use such moves?

Grabbing a premoved piece would be a useful feature even without multi-premove: premove 1...d6 and grab the pawn; wait until after your opponent's move to premove 2...d5.

Or: premove 40. Qd8+, grab the queen and hover over h4.

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