Possible improvements to Lichess

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you a test that I am doing. I was trying to improve the Lichess interface, make it cleaner, more intuitive and elegant. I share with you these 3 photos showing the work.

I recommend downloading the images to better see the details.

I propose it again, since no one has read it, I would like to have some opinions.

Forgive me if it is an original effort, but it looks exactly like

Again forgive me if effort is made in earnest, but it is a bore, not a joke.

Telling what would have been your opponent's best move gives away unacceptable information about what your move should be. E.g. your opponent's best move might avoid a tactic you had not spotted yourself until you saw the defense of it.

It might be more helpful to show your design side by side with the existing lichess design. I don't think people understand what you are getting at.

@kingdave2 said in #6:
> Potrebbe essere più utile mostrare il tuo design fianco a fianco con il design Lichess esistente. Non credo che la gente capisca a cosa vuoi arrivare.

Hai ragione, è difficile spiegarlo, io vorrei implementare il mio design a lichess. Alcune cose sono un copiate da, ma si possono cambiare.

@sheckley666 said in #5:
> Dire quale sarebbe stata la mossa migliore del tuo avversario fornisce informazioni inaccettabili su quale dovrebbe essere la tua mossa. Ad esempio, la mossa migliore del tuo avversario potrebbe evitare una tattica che non avevi individuato finché non ne hai visto la difesa.

Non capisco a pieno cosa vuoi sottolineare. Infatti se noti nelle foto c'è un riquadro dove spiega la "Variante", ti fa vedere la continuazione migliore.

@kadal_thendral said in #4:
> Perdonami se è uno sforzo originale, ma assomiglia esattamente a
> Ancora perdonami se lo sforzo è fatto sul serio, ma è una noia, non uno scherzo.

No, I wouldn't say it looks "exactly" like, I copied some things because I really liked the structure. On the other hand, it copies itself to improve. If you notice, there is the menu on the right with the moves, which is different, on it doesn't.

@Sam_125 said in #3:
> U made it like

I have already replied to another one, I would not say it is identical, lichess has another setting, according to your logic then is Burger king identical to mac donald? Just why do they make similar sandwiches? I took a few things from that I liked and "implemented" them. If you notice the menu on the right, the best move is less visible, etc ...