Possible bug in french page of signed-in

I get this in french (omitted adversary name), and not the English one. I have noticed that being there for at least a week.

please check languages versions, (i know if it is more efficient to skip to the new lingua franca: some version of english).

quote from page (upper left most module in desktop full width design, but doubt it being a RWD problem):


Victoire est la victoire, une chaîne séparée où vous pouvez traduire
[....] est le joueur contre qui tu as joué
Correspondence est une catégorie Bullet, Blitz, Classique, Correspondence, Atomique ...

Un résumé de tes résultats apparait sur ton profile, pour les joueurs contre qui tu as joué il y a 6 heures
end of quote.

thanks for reading.

PS: if this not widespread then let me know, perhaps my overrides are interfering outside of intended targets, doubt it though.

There are other glitches proper to french version (perhaps other languages, might need nowrap off).
may not be visible in small rectangles though, as they appear in the wide design. overridden for now.

And now, for an editorial, read at your own risks (should not even be here):
so from an editorial viewpoint i would hypothesize that: angle-mort = language X desktop design. But this might be like the little finger in one's hand, do we really need the little finger? three fingers are enough, no? 2? how about synapses?

I checked with few other languages and the main bug (verbose headlines on the left module), seems NOT to appear in the western Europe languages i tried (and can decipher).

so could it be that my translation contribution in crow din have something to do with this? long shot?

not the end of the world, but i'd like headlines to stay short, since they are clickable.

would like to know if i'm the only one.

Thanks, the mistake with victoryVsYlnZ should be fixed soon.

I also noticed some french phrases that sounded like gibberish, but I thought maybe my french was deficient. It would certainly be good if you can get someone who speaks the various languages to proofread, rather than rely on computer translations which are notoriously bad.
I am using french, trying to learn it, but maybe I will switch to spanish, which I can read and speak well.
I am not being critical. It's great that you provide so many languages. One world!

Not true for the "ketter" instead of "springer" in german for knight.

Ooops. My mistake. It's "ritter" that they use instead of "springer."

fixed, the main question, thanks.

i did mention glitches, i have only one in mind, and that is in analysis (explorer) when more than one pre-move, in chrome windows desktop wide (pre-moves on the left):
the return with x premoves button text overlaps with chessboard (empiète sur celui-ci).

my current override (getting tiresome sometimes), is to uncheck nowrap CSS value for the corresponding DOM element (sometimes empty, but the element always there in one form or other, i don't have to wait to find the check to unmark).

i would bet that other languages where that particular statement is longer than most, have the same situation, but i can't try since the explorer is fickle and will lose one's exploration at the tiniest change, sometimes that can be an hour worth of work, but i digress, just to say i would have found out for lichess, but i'd rather keep my current work.

i may start another question if that if preferable. again this is not preventing me from sleeping, ...chess is....


the victoryVsYlnZ mistake is back in my lichess main page... so you know. (french)