Point of appealing when lichess is not telling you what's going on?


I'm marked as a cheater since a few days. I already made a appeal for my case. I didn't hide anything and also stated that I'm using 3 accounts. Each one has his own purpose. One for mobile, this & one more for blindfolded games. They deleted the third one without telling me anything. My mobile and this account got banned for "cheating". I don't want to argue or something. But please atleast reply and tell the concerned person what's going on. I don't want a simple relpy like "cuz you cheated". Please provide games which fits the case. I tried to prove in my appeal I didn't use any kind of engines. I'm a reliable person who likes to help out and I'm on lichess since 4 years already. I'm a bit dissapointed to see myself being banned when I don't even know what I'm supposed to have done wrong.

I tried to contact mods and they couldn't help me out. I want to get my account back as soon as possible.

I appreaciate any kind of help


You don't get to rush people into unbanning you if you've been caught cheating! From reading the forums it seems they'll investigate and unban if required. I've never seen them explain which games were involved, presumably because to do so would provide information useful to people wanting to cheat. You've won a lot of games very recently against much stronger players, haven't you, so...well done?

Well, in most cases the bans are correct. But I have nothing to worry about because my games doensn't involve any engines. Winning against much stronger players isn't a requirment for being banned. I haven't anyway. My blitz rating is pending between 2000 - 2200 most of the time. It's disappointing to see once you're banned, the majority thinks the ban is 100 % correct. Why should I suddenly cheat after 4 years? Everything I have build up in these years, just throwing away my account for feeling like to cheat to boost my ego? Think about it again. I just wanna get some clarification in this case. It would nice if someone responsible for this case could give me a reply.

Posting in forums doesn’t help at all. Now everyone knows.

I've never seen a precedent where a player uses the forums or IRC or Discord to persuade moderators.

I have once seen a case where a player used a public form of communication to appeal a case and was successful.

I don't mind this being public. This was the whole point of creating this thread. I actually don't want to argue with anyone. The purpose of this thread was to gain some attention for my case. I tried to contact a few moderators, but they couldn't help me out and told me to just contact the mail. This is was I already did. They reacted by deleting my blindfolded account without telling me anything. I mean if I would have cheated I wouldn't even appeal or create this thread since I realise I have done something wrong and a ban would be the correct punishment. But as already stated I never used an engine in any kind of games here on lichess. I know, saying this won't change much. But I just wanna tell people to check out my games in depth and you'll realise there is no engine play involved. Thanks for the replies so far. I hope this will be solved very soon.

To my knowledge, Lichess allows at most 2 accounts per capita. So that might be why your third one had to go (unrelated to the cheating thing).

"Let it be known, I didn't cheat."
"What's that?"
"Said he didn't cheat!"
"Who did?"
"I don't know. Some guy. Never heard of him. Said he'd appealed".
"Oh. I'm sure they'll sort it out"
"I hope so. I really hope so."

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