please stop allowing people to react to their own comments

i dont find any sense in people reacting to their own comments

i don't see the point of disabling that feature, it just seems unnecessary work, what is the point of disallowing people from reacting to their own posts, there is no literal value to a "like" or a "heart" or a "laugh" or a "horsey" or a "dislike" therefore it shouldn't matter for others to react to their own post

also how does one reacting to their own post affect you? Sure it is dumb, but it doesn't really affect anyone, if anything it just makes the reactor/commenter look lonely, stupid and desperate

however, i do understand that it can be annoying for some, this is just my perspective on the issue, different people have different perspectives

#8 We need to censor free speech on the internet, clearly. :-)

Yes, you are correct.
But first YouTube needs to correct it since one can upvote their comment at YouTube as websites follow popular apps in the design and system.

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