Please remove en passant checkmate captchas

I even miss e.p. in puzzles, when the last move is highlighted.. ;( ;)
..whereas here, after hundreds of Qf7s, it is refreshing. Hey, you spoilt my chance to fall for the joke again!

Hasn't happened to me, but I strongly agree. The captcha is supposed to be easy, and en passant puzzles aren't.

(In fact, I don't like en passant at all and would happily remove two-square pawn moves from the game entirely, just to get rid of it. But that's another discussion...)

Nice checkmate!
I think "en passant" term should be removed and translated to something like "you shall not pass" xD

As long as it's the only possible mate in 1 on the board, it still seems valid to me (although it would be nice if they highlighted the previous about a giveaway though). :D

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