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  3. Please introduce the "Play My Favorite Format" button

Basically, after the game is over, you have 2 buttons... One says "Create a New Game" (too much bother) and the other says "Play a New Opponent" which is a deceptive way of saying "Play the same Time Control AGAIN"

I would like a third button that says "Play Your Favorite Format" which implies playing the time controls and chess variant which you chose in your custom controls....

My point is that it's very awkward having to constantly adjust my time controls, if don't want to play a new game just as the last one...

Supposedly if you have one Favorite Format you can keep playing just it, and then you can use the "Play a New Opponent" button ?

If you're constantly changing the variant/tc you play, then why do you need to save one of them in particular ?

Actually, I like to switch formats, but I still have a favorite one. In particular, I like chess960 3+2 format, which doesn't have a present and has to be created manually. I'd like to have it set as my favorite format.