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  3. Please improve board themes!

I suggest lichess to make a lego 3d board and piece theme like this one.

One thing , the browser says the connection is not secure when I use that wood background. Does this happen to anyone else (and should it be a concern)?

Make sure the URL you put in the box starts with "https://" and not "http://". But no, it shouldn't be much of a concern.

Aha! That fixed it, thank you much. ;)

Wow, after 2 hours of work, i made a Maple HD board.
How i can give it to the staff?

Old Maple

click on the images to enlarge


if you want, i can do it with more resolution, if you want some changes, you can tell me :)

With my graphics program, I understand perfectly how make boards :)

I can change kind of wood and material :)


lego board?!

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