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  3. Please improve board themes!

Please, improve lichess themes boards.

Lichess need some good HD wood board, light wood, and dark wood (now lichess wood textures are very very bad, blurred with a VERY VERY poor resolution, the only one almost decent is "Maple"), and for me we need some HD Marble boards (light and dark)

I dont like flat color boards, but right now the lichess boards themes are so ugly :(

Thanks :)


I agree.


Obliviously i asked new HD Wood and a good HD Marble because my tasts.... but also the other colors are not good to see, Kanvas is orrible, Blue 2 is very annoying to the eyes, also the other textures is not good to see (like green and orange textures)....I dont understand why every board theme color seems made by cloth....

If someone makes it I am sure we would implement it instantly.

If them wants i can make HD wood and HD marble, but i dont know the size of the images for the squares, and the maximum weight for each image.

If them wants, i am here. :)

I also wanted this, but don't know how to help.

I like the green.
Yes, flat, but easy on the eyes.
Very similar to the green of vinyl boards.

@ScaccoLento I agree

Don't worry about size or weight. Make it as large as possible.

Don't make squares, make an entire board. We don't want all light squares to be similar, that'd be ugly.

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