Please, for god's sake, bring back 'Claim victory' button!

Guys, it's so damn tiring to see opponents disconnecting in a losing position, never to return back, letting the clock run down completely. Where has the 'Claim victory' button gone? I read somewhere that it was a bug that has been fixed. Well, it has not! I play Classical chess mostly, and there is zero protection against opponents just disconnecting and running away. Such a waste a time. I love Lichess, but this can be reason enough to move elsewhere, especially for a Classical time player. :(
Who cares of the time , but idont want to feel pathetic waiting for poibts. But then again i dont them get away with it.
@shawnde it is not gone, I have used it a multiple times. Although, it is very glitchy and I have also had it not work before
@zaneanderman I wonder if it specifically happens for Classical then, because I recently I played on Rapid and saw the button, but on Classical it never shows up.
Should have been fixed recently. If not, update away.
It's good to see that lichess is listening to player's feedback. I'm also glad I'm given the option to let the timer run out in case my opponent reconnects.

I did lose a match because of the update, probably a bug that didn't allow me to reconnect from the phone. I wonder whether it's possible to implement updates without restarting the server.

I have noticed that they replaced the old system of claiming victory with "you will win in n seconds". A small issue I have with that is, for some opponents who have a stuttering connection, it produces a flickering effect on my end. That is when they reconnect as soon as the timer starts running down. Not that it is a real issue but it is not as smooth as the rest of the site. Perhaps a solution would be not to resize the right hand side box for the timer, or some transition.

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