Please Create a Way for Users to Vote on Proposed Features

Lichess is founded on the idea of crowdsourcing, and I'd really like to see this extended to the way feature ideas for the website are considered for implementation. I'd suggest that every registered account be given 10 feature votes that the user can distribute across a list of feature options any way he or she chooses. If you're a huge proponent of some particular change, you might want to "spend" all your 10 votes on that feature. Or, if you have a variety of things you'd like to support, you might spend 5 votes here, 3 votes there, and give two other ideas a vote each.

Users should be able to redistribute their 10 votes at any time, with no expirations. Also, there should be a single webpage that users can visit to see which ideas have the most support among the community.

I'm not suggesting that the users' preferences should be the final word or only consideration in choosing the direction of the Lichess. But in keeping with the website's ethos, having some kind of infrastructure in place to capture the considerable creativity and brainpower of the users seems like a good idea.

@TitanChess07 I'm pretty sure @chessmaster512 was just making a joke about voting for the ability to vote. Unfortunately, there currently isn't any way for the Lichess community to vote for any kind of new features or enhancements -- thus, this request.

@TitanChess07 Can you explain? So far as I know, there isn't any way for a user to create a new forum on here. I think users are limited to creating new posts, like this one, in one of the four existing forums.

I assume that also means the users that vote for features will make those features themselves.

@lovlas That's a haughty response, frankly. The message you're sending is that you aren't interested in learning what's important to the users. Is that really the case?