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  2. Lichess Feedback
  3. Please Add Variants to Quick Pairing

This would DRASTICALLY increase the number of players playing variants.
I played on lichess for months before I even realized variants existed. And before that; I never even knew ANY chess variant existed.

I'm sure a lot of other people are exactly the same way. They know about chess. Thats it.

Currently, On Quick Pairings you've got 2 Classic, 5 Blitz, and 1 Bullet.

Crazyhouse for example is every bit as popular on Lichess as Bullet. No reason to have 5 different types of blitz that are all basically the same thing. Throw a ZH in there. Or throw a Play Variant in there and it creates a game with a random variant.

Or; get rid of 4 of the Blitzs and 1 of the Classics and add all the variants. That would be the best case scenario. But, I'll take what I can get.

After playing Crazyhouse I'm convinced that this is the way God intended chess to be played.

Three Check is fun too.

Racing Kings has its merits and despite popular opinion has a lot of strategy to it.

Antichess is the bane of my existence and I wish the creator a slow and agonizing death. That being said, a lot of people love it and it has a lot of fans. So that too!

Horde and KOTH aren't my cup of tea. I dont even like tea. But British people play here too!

Come now lichess. Open your wings and fly.

Ultrabullet isn't there too!

I never considered how much that might affect the number of people playing each variant. Maybe one of the quick pairing buttons could be "Variant of the Week" so it spreads the love without interfering too much with the main point of the site.

Yea I like that idea. Would be a fun way to bring attention to the variants; and wouldn't cloud up the quick pair board.

I'm all for it.

The custom button should show our Custom setting. If you set it to 960 we should see 960 in the right lower corner.

Consider going even more customizable with clock templates to pick from when looking for game:

Sure it doesn't fix the quick pick choices by itself, but then if you'd make those templates public, or store then in a indexable manner, lichess could relatively easily put another tab of quick pick games modes labeled "Popular" where it would list the N most played modes.

Thats a good idea too @Noino
I never really thought about another tab.

Hah sure whatever floats your boat.
I believe UltraBullet is just as popular as ZH too.
So bring it on.

But mods...if you put ultrabullet crazyhouse on the quick pairings Im gonna cry hahaha.

let's add some ultrabullet to the quick paring!!!

Were something like this to be done, for it to have any chance of succeeding it should start with crazyhouse (both because it draws titled players to Lichess, and because it's popular).

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