Please add three more time presets

This is a snapshot of Lichess back in June 2017:
The 3x3 grid already had been there and has not been changed since then.

This stats page tells us that 12 million games have been played in June 2017:

The number of games played per cell of the grid may serve as an approximate measure of how quickly players are paired:
June 2017: 1.3 million games per cell
January 2020: 5.2 million games per cell

It seems that the pairing speed has quadrupled during this time span. Adding one more row with 3 cells would diminish this speed by an estimated amount of only 33 percent. And given the current user trend, in only a few months we will see the same speed in a 4x3 grid as we see now with 3x3.

My suggestion: Please add one more rapid TC without increment and two rapid TCs with increment, in order to parallel the four blitz time controls.

I know well that this issue has been discussed on Github for quite a while, but IMHO the time has come now to go 4x3.

I continue making the unpopular suggestion that having Rapid and Classical TCs which can be decided by whose mouse is faster (no increment) are absurd... as a default 10+2 is better than 10+0.

rokoroks: 3x3=9 (100 %), 4x3=12 (133 %). Maybe I should have said that it increases the waiting time by 33 %.

the way I'm looking at it is

Let's say we have 72 people pairing for 9 time controls; then 72/18= 4 pairs per time control

72 people for 12 time controls: 72/24= 3 pairs per time control


Okay rokoroks, agreed. Your math is even more favourable to my suggestion than mine has been. Thanks.

@Toadofsky just my view, but we may not represent the majority of users. I think that some experimenting should be done, for instance an additional 10+2 button (to replace custom) for a while and look whether it is more popular than 10+0.

There has already been a bunch of suggestions about more default presets. Nothing has come out of it yet...

i totally agree, rapid presets should also have increment